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Orbit Control

  • Priority: <undefined>
  • Context:< <reference to commissioning procedure, i.e. Phase A.1.2>
  • Background activity: continuous (i.e. background daemon + monitoring GUI)
  • Brief description:

Primary functional requirements: <top-level, user point-of-view>

  • orbit control during injection, ramp, flat-top and extraction:
    • data acquisition/concentration,
    • data sanity checks (+ smoothing) & reference comparision
    • orbit correction (SVD-based)
    • drive COD settings to LSA
  • energy measurement, mismatch, adjustment using OrbitCorrectorMagnet & RadioFrequency
  • control of derivatives: extraction bump position/angle, crossing bumps (HESR), etc. (weighing factor)

Secondary functional requirements: <expert diagnostics/features, etc.>

  • monitoring of BPM sum signals

External functional dependencies:

Acceptance Requirements:

  • cycle-to-cycle based control (i.e. compatible with update rates of ~ 1 Hz per BPC, 3 Hz locally for || BPCs)

Safety/Reliability/Security requirements:

  • Global/Local orbit vs. reference interlock → actions: warning, interlock w.r.t. next injection/extraction (SBF maskable)
  • Interlock on S/N ratio interlock → actions: warning, interlock w.r.t. next injection/extraction (SBF maskable)
  • BPM gains & other settings driven via LSA (RBAC protected: only BI expert, machine experts)

Known Failure Modes: <issues that need to be taken into account during initial design>

  • BPM gain errors

Typical/Common displays options:

  • 90% case (daily operation, monitoring)
    • 1D z(s) bar-chart + time selector (normalised to orbit reference, z = 'x' resp. 'y')
    • 2D contour plot z(s,t) (normalised to orbit reference)
  • 10% case (expert, debugging, trouble-shooting functionality)
    • (virtual/interpolated) BPM time function z(t)

Other comments ideas:

  • feedback, recommendations & wishes from users/operators/system designers
  • notes on user interface
  • loose lists of specific requirements, ...


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