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List of Beam-Based Applications (focus on use-case)

Generic Priorities (ie. all machines, first four being essential)

  1. TransmissionMonitoringSystem (RalphSteinhagen, FC2WG Meeting #6, work in progress)
  2. OrbitControl (BerndSchlei et al., work in progress)
  3. TrajectoryControl (threading, inj./extraction, ??)
  4. TuneControl, ChromaticityControl (Q/Q'(') Diagnostics & Control → ??)
  5. OpticsControl (transfer-line & ring, LOCO, AC-dipole techniques etc., OleksandrKovalenko & VeraChetvertkova)
  6. RFCaptureControl and (later) RF gymnastics (??)
  7. LongitudinalEmittanceMeasurement (?)
  8. TransverseEmittanceMeasurement (?)
  9. TransverseFeedbacks & LongitudinalFeedbacks (RF: ??)

Machine Specific Integration of Beam-Based Systems:


  • RemoteAcquisitionOfAnalogSignals → needs to be finalised by Q1-2017 (UNILAC ~ OK, SIS18, ESR!?!)
  • ArchivingSystem
  • strong impact on HKR migration/operation!
  • FixedDisplays, Facility & Machine Status (“PageOne”)
  • Context-based monitoring of Controls and Accelerator Infrastructure
    • electrical power network, power converter infrastructure, cryogenics & vacuum, other facilities: water, personnel safety radiation monitors, …
    • controls and timing network (latencies, instantaneous/avg. bandwidth load), FE CPU/temperature loads
  • Tools for


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