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FC2WG -- FAIR Commissioning & Control Working Group - Web Administration

E-Mail List Subscription

The working group is open to all who can participate and contribute to this subject. The invitation, agenda and minutes will be distributed through the working group's mailing list FAIR-C2WG-ALL (nearby) gsi.de. The 'open' subscription is handled via the following FAIR-C2WG-OPEN LISTSERV list interface or by sending an e-mail directly to FAIR-C2WG-OPEN-request (at) WWW-LISTSERV.GSI.DE to subscribe or FAIR-C2WG-OPEN-signoff-request (at) WWW-LISTSERV.GSI.DE to un-subscribe.

FC2WG Web Administration Utilities

-- RalphSteinhagen - 12 May 2015
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