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Tentative Topics

Topics that have been decided upon and needs to be scheduled:

Preselected Topics

Topics that have been pre-selected by steering group:

System Analysis Topics to be covered

  • Facility & Interface Analysis
    • Procedures: HWC, HWC-'Machine Check Out', BC-I, BC-II, BC-III
    • Beam parameters, FAIR performance model and optimisation, Machine & Beam Modes
  • Beam Instrumentation & Diagnostics – System Integration
    • Intensity (DCCTs, FBCT), trajectory & orbit (BPMs), Q/Q', optics (LOCO & phase-advance), longitudinal & transverse emittance (WCM, screens, IPM, etc.), beam loss (BLMs), Δp/p, long. bunch shape, abort gap monitoring, long. Tomography, aperture model, ...
  • Accelerator Hardware – System Integration
    • Power converter, magnets, RF, injection/extraction kicker, tune kicker/AC-dipole, beam dump, collimation/absorbers, cryogenics, vacuum, radiation monitoring, magnet model, k-modulation, ...
  • Control System
    • Archiving, analog signal acquisition, test-beds, timing, bunch-to-bucket transfer, cyber security & role-based-access, middleware, RT & Feedbacks, daemons, semi-automated procedures, …
    • dry-runs
  • Components
    • Post-mortem, safe-beam settings management, machine protection ↔ interlocks, beam quality checks
  • Applications
    • Sequencer, GUIs, fixed-displays

Suitable Topics that can be paired

  • Beam-Instrumentation (focus on HW)
    • Overview and strategy (M. Schwickert → scheduled for 2nd meeting)
      • MP relevance, OP robustness/reliability, nice-to-have
    • Group I: Intensity monitoring across transfer lines & rings
    • Group II: Orbit/Trajectory & Q/Q'
    • Group III: Beam Loss & Vacuum
    • Group IV: longitudinal diagnostics (bunch shape/length, splitting/merging, abort gap monitoring, tomography, …)
    • Group V: emittance diagnostics and preservation (after optics)
  • Beam Control (focus on use-case):
    • Trajectory and Orbit Control (?)
    • Tune and Chromaticity Diagnostics & Control (?)
    • RF capture and (later) RF gymnastics
    • Transfer line & ring optics measurement & control (?)
    • Longitudinal emittance measurement
    • Transverse emittance measurement
    • Transverse and longitudinal feedbacks (RF: ???)

Other Topics to be Sorted:

Critical systems that need to be defined as soon as convenient
  • Data archiving paradigm, requirements & specs ↔ post-mortem (CO)
    • Storage by cycle, as 'function of time' or both (e.g. snapshots of accelerator states after injection, start ramp and before extraction)
    • Data extraction: online tool to make simple 1st-order correlation, other extraction options (C/C++, Java, Matlab, Mathematica, … ?)
    • How to ensure complete coverage: tree structure to be defined globally but individual variables (leafs) need to be defined by system experts (↔ human readable naming convention)
  • Remote acquisition of analog signals (BI/CO: kHz ↔ MHz ↔ GHz range, needs to be sorted out by Q1-2017)
    • “online scopes” management framework (fixed signals vs. ad-hoc measurements)
    • Mandatory analog input protection: low-noise amplifiers needed for ions but may be destroyed by high-intensity proton signals ↔ passive protection + active settings driven and feedback if things go unexpected
  • Test-beds for each and every accelerator equipment
    • Equipment need to provide (simulated, stored, etc) data with the same interface as the operational (future) device in the machine
    • Mandatory for quality assurance and long-term maintenance
    • provides data for high level simulation software (machine simulator)
    • Allows development of tools prior to/without the availability of the underlying equipment
      • Important for pre-commissioning and during operation (for safety reasons)
  • LSA providing test function for system acceptance tests (not beam-hierarchy driven)
  • LSA providing accelerator simulation feature for operator training and software tests (machine simulator)
  • LSA howto operate the UNILAC using LSA
  • Context-based monitoring of
    • electrical power network & power converter infrastructure
    • Cryogenics & vacuum
    • other facilities: water, personnel safety radiation monitors, ...
  • Controls and accelerator infrastructure monitoring
    • controls and timing network (latencies, instantaneous/avg. bandwidth load)
    • FE CPU/temperature loads,
  • Tools for check-out test analysis (passed, in-progress, fault)
  • Tools for availability analysis → interface with logbook?
  • Going into and out of machine access (electrical lock-out, soft-power-down of equipment, etc.)
  • Bunch-to-bucket transfer paradigm – proof of concept? (use-case, specification, …)
  • Video/image distribution and analysis (↔ IPMs, transfer line screens)
    • bandwidth, latency control, post-processing infrastructure, …
Crucial, missing tools:
  • Performance indicators:
    • Overall transmission performance (short-, medium- and long-term)
    • Total up-time, beam-delivered-on-target
  • Beam parameter control
    • (Semi-)Automated Transfer-line Steering – priority for SIS18 restart
    • Closed-Orbit Control (circulating beam) – priority for SIS18 restart
    • Q/Q' and Coupling Control
    • TL & ring optics measurements and control
  • Transverse and Longitudinal emittance monitoring?
    • emittance preservation across UNILAC → SIS18 → SIS100
    • ...

-- RalphSteinhagen - 12 May 2015
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