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High-Level Graphical User Interface Requirements for <Application>

  • Application name: <short, nomen-est-omen, can be changed at later stage>
  • Priority: <1 (ASAP), 2 (HIGH), 3, ... >
  • Status: <draft, for comment/engineering check, accepted>
  • EDMS: <link to edms>
  • Context:<reference to commissioning procedure, i.e. Phase A.1.2>
  • Background activity:<'daemon + GUI' vs. 'GUI only'>
  • Brief description:<e.g. this application does X with Y and Z, maximum 3-5 lines>
  • Primary functional requirements: <N.B. top-level, user point -of-view>
    • <simple list, each item one single task>
    • <sub-group/function>
      • sub-function-task no. 1
      • sub-function-taskno. 2
      • sub-function-taskno. 3
  • Secondary functional requirements: <expert diagnostics/features, etc.>
    • <less frequently used but important tasks (i.e. related to trouble-shooting)>
  • External functional dependencies: <simple list of device types, e.g. BeamTransformer, >
    • BI devices: ...
    • Magnet, RF, power converters: ...
    • Other CO systems: ...
    • ...
  • Performance requirements:
    • update rates, number of data points, etc.
  • Safety/Reliability/Security requirements:
    • <associated interlock, MASP, RBAC, MCS rules>
  • Known failure modes: <issues that need to be taken into account during initial design>
  • Typical/Common displays options:
    • 90% case (daily operation, monitoring)
      • <e.g. parameter X/Y vs. time>
      • <screenshots of existing application>
    • 10% case (expert, debugging, trouble-shooting functionality)
      • <e.g. correlation of X vs. Y>
  • Acceptance Criteria
    • optimisation goals
  • Other comments ideas:
    • feedback, recommendations & wishes from users/operators/system designers
    • notes on the user interface
    • loose lists of specific requirements, ...
  • References: <other documents, meeting minutes, web-pages, tentative specifications, links, etc.>
-- RalphSteinhagen - 19 Dec 2017
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