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Stage A) Pilot Beams

main aim:
  • drive the beam expeditiously through the BeamProductionChain (BPC): from the sources, through the synchrotrons, beam transfers, up to the experimental targets/storage rings
  • check basic 'accelerator mechanics': threading, injection, capture, cool, convert, acceleration/decelerate, stripping & extraction
  • identify beam-related limitations: polarities, RF, beam instrumentation, machine alignment, effective physical machine aperture, …
This stage is intended to be done always with 'safe' resp. low-intensity/brightness beam, and initially preferably with 'easily available' ions (e.g. U28+, Ar) that are accelerated with relatively simpler optics, beam dynamics, and later with protons to test transition crossing etc.

This stage is further subdivided into phases:


Above methodology is based and inspired by earlier commissioning and SW analysis efforts done for LHC:
  1. LHC Commissioning Procedures: http://lhccwg.web.cern.ch/lhccwg/overview_index.htm
  2. LHC Commissioning Procedure References: http://lhccwg.web.cern.ch/lhccwg/Bibliography/background-material.htm
  3. LHC Software Analysis WG: http://proj-lhc-software-analysis.web.cern.ch/proj-lhc-software-analysis/
  4. LHC Hardware Commissioning: http://lhc-commissioning.web.cern.ch/lhc-commissioning/machine-checkout.htm
  5. Youssef El Hayek, SIS18 Multi-Turn Injection, Operator Training 2016
  6. Jens Stadlmann, SIS Einstellungen, Operator Training 2016 ( pptx)
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