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This web coordinates the hardware (re-)commissioning (HWC) of the existing and future FAIR accelerator facility. The term 'hardware commissioning' covers the following two aspects:

Initial hardware acceptance tests

  • Checks conformity with contractual design targets
  • Done once, or after major upgrade or modifications
    • mainly done by system responsible/experts
    • coordinated by existing project structure and machine project leaders (i.e. not FC2WG)
      • FATs - Factory-Acceptance-Tests
      • SATs - Site-Acceptance-Tests

'Dry-Runs' & 'Machine Checkout'

  • main aim:
    • Checks conformity of system's controls integration and readiness for Commissioning with Beam
    • check as much control/system functionality without beam as possible
    • Machine is put into a state assuming that beam could be injected into the ring/segment
      • unavailable devices/systems are at first ignored, noted down, and followed-up at a defined later stage

A note on terminology:

  • Dry-runs: a rehearsal of the accelerator performance/function, starting typically six month before the targeted real Commissioning with Beam
    • needs to (partially) repeated after shut-down or longer technical stop with substantial modifications (e.g. re-cabling, opening of cryogenic, ...)
    • initial frequency: 1-2 days every month
    • frequency increased depending on the outcome of the initial dry-run tests
  • Machine Checkout: intense accelerator performance tests (e.g. machine patrols, magnet/PC heat runs, etc.), starting typically two weeks before the targeted Commissioning with Beam)
    • needs to repeated after every shut-down or longer technical stop
    • repeated also on the long-term during routine operation of existing accelerators (already existing procedures/usus for existing machines)
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