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FirstName LastName Organization State Country
Alexander Herlert FAIR   Germany
Alexander Vorobyev      
Alexandra Gade      
Alexandre Obertelli      
Alicja Nowakowska      
Amit Roy      
Andrea Frank      
Andreas Reiter      
Andreas Tauschwitz      
Angela Braeuning-Demian GSI   Germany
Annie Klisnick CNRS   Germany
Arne Jungstand      
Attila Krasznahorkay      
Aykan Weber      
Beatrice Kaufeler FAIR   Germany
Carl Kleffner      
Christian Hillbricht      
Christian Wolbert      
Christos Touramanis      
Craig Woody      
Crispin Williams CERN   Switzerland
Curtis Meyer Carnegie Mellon University   USA
David Neely      
David Ondreka      
David Urner FAIR   Germany
Derek Lowenstein GSI   Germany
DerekiLowenstein DerekiLowenstein BNL   USA
Diana Nicmorus GSI   Germany
Dieter Lens      
Dmitry Varentsov      
Domino QQ      
Ece Ecsg      
edita stewart      
Eike Remer      
Ernesto Durand      
Esenguel Cakir      
Eugenio Nappi INFN   Italy
Eva Maas FAIR   Germany
Evi Maas GSI   Germany
Ewa Rondio      
Fabienne Kunne GSI   Germany
Florian Hehenberger FAIR   Germany
Florian Weissbach GSI   Germany
Frank Herfurth      
Franziska Obst FAIR   Germany
Gabriela Menge      
Georg Schepers GSI/FAIR   Germany
Gert-Jan Nooren nikhef   Netherlands
Gines MARTINEZ      
Guenther Rosner Univ. of Glasgow   United Kingdom
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