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FairC2WGMinutes in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
FC2WG Meeting Minutes (also on EDMS (link)) * Set NOWYSIWYG=1 # Minutes/Dates Topics presented Presence sheet 1 20th May 2015 * FAIR Commissioning ...
MachineInterlockStatus in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
High Level User Requirements for the Machine Interlock Status Application * Brief description : display and audiovisual alarms of beam inhibiting events and interlocks ...
SetupBeamFlag in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Setup Beam Flag The 'SetupBeamFlag' indicates beams (typically with but not limited to low intensities) that are used specifically during the initial setup of the ...
FairControlTopics in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Facility Interface Analysis Procedures: HWC, HWC 'Machine Check Out', BeamCommissioning, BC Stage A (pilot beams), BC Stage B (intensity ramp up), BC Stage C (nominal ...
AppDescriptionTemplate in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
*High Level Graphical User Interface Requirements for Application * * Application name: short, nomen est omen, can be changed at later stage * Priority ...
FairC2WGNextAgenda in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Next Meetings scheduled: * Wednesday 20th September 2017, 15:00 17:00 (SE 1.124c) : * Common Specification: Digitization of Analog Signals (https://edms ...
BeamBasedApplications in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
List of Beam Based Applications (focus on use case) Generic Priorities (ie. all machines, first four being essential) 1 TransmissionMonitoringSystem (.RalphSteinhagen ...
OrbitControl in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Orbit Control * Priority: undefined * Context: _ reference to commissioning procedure, i.e. Phase A.1.2 _ * Background activity: continuous (i.e. background ...
FairC2WGAdmin in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
The working group is open to all who can participate and contribute to this subject. The invitation, agenda and minutes will be distributed through the working group ...
FC2WG in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
GraphicLinks in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Topic including commonly used graphics and icons * set FAIRLOGO = * set GSILOGO = * set FC2WGLOGO = * FC_Outline.odg: FAIR Commissioning Outline source ...
Acronyms in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Acronyms #PhaseAcronyms Abbreviation alt. English German BPC FC2WG.BeamProductionChain Beam Production Chain BPM Beam Position Monitor Strahllage ...
BeamProductionChain in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Beam Production Chain The Beam Production Chain (BPC) is an organisational control system structure to manage parallel operation and beam transfer through the FAIR ...
WebPreferences in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
FC2WG Web Preferences Appearance * Set WEBBGCOLOR = #efefef * web specific background color, current color * Set SITEMAPLIST = on * set to off ...
WebNotify in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
* .WikiGuest * .RalphSteinhagen
WebSideBar in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
" warn="off"}% * ** * * * * * * * *
WebRightBar in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
" warn="off"}% * ** * * * * * * * *
WebMenu in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
WebMenu Definition of site wide horizontal menu Implementation %IF{"'' ingroup 'AdminGroup'" then="$percntINCLUDE{\"FC2WG.WebMenu ...
WebButtons in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Include meta navigation with: Include sections %INCLUDE{ "WebButtons" section="topbarbutton" ID="" DESTWEB="FC2WG" DESTTOPIC="WebHome" LABEL ...
FC2WGTopMenu in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
PatternSkin theme: Foswiki "Fat Willy" Site Skin Navigation modified for FC2WG Web Include main navigation with: Include meta navigation with: Include sections ...
FairC2WGTentativeTopics in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Tentative Topics Topics that have been decided upon and needs to be scheduled: * ... * ... Preselected Topics Topics that have been pre selected by steering ...
FairCommissioningProcedures in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
Menu in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
%IF{"'' ingroup 'AdminGroup'" then="$percntINCLUDE{\".SiteMenu\" section=\"adminmenu\"}$percnt" }% Main.RalphSteinhagen 27 May 2015
WebTopicList in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
WebAtom in %WEBLINK{format="FC2WG" web="FC2WG"}%
FAIR Wiki's FC2WG web
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" warn="off"}% * ** * * * * * * * *
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" else="FAIR Wiki's FC2WG web"}% /FC2WG
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