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Generic Power Converter Test

This procedure describes the minimum list of tests applicable to all accelerator related power converter
  • check of required FESA equipment interfaces
  • check of applicable statuses and interlocks
  • check device being in 'OP ready' state
  • Some variable definition (to be shifted to LSA/device specific variables)



Step S? short description Criteria
prepare init device status handler
step1 check for required FESA Status interface
step2 check for powerState being 'ON'
step3 check for device status field being 'OK'
step4 check for pending device interlocks
step5 check whether device is in remote control mode
step6 Y check whether device has an 'true' OP status
step7 Y check I_MIN & I_MAX consistency with LSA (if available) DEFAULT_CURRENT_TOLERANCE
(N.B. S?: skippable task: yes can be skipped by operator (or converted to warning in sequencer's 'lenient mode')

Details of Test Steps

N.B. detailed 'cookbook': check list of individual steps (settings, gains, …):

Step S.x.1 result 1 (as described above)

  1. step 1 (pictures, links, and references possible)
    • sub-step 1.1
    • sub-step 1.2
    • sub-step 1.3
  2. step 2
  3. step 3

Step S.x.2 result 2 (as described above)

  1. step 1

Step S.x.2 result 2 (as described above)

  1. step 1


List of possible problems and first-order remedies:

  • short problem description #1
  • short problem description #2

Exit conditions

clear definition of handover specs

List of systems to be considered “operational” afterwards

Exit Condition
O.A.x.1 exit condition 1
O.A.x.2 exit condition 2
.01 sub-system 1
.02 sub-system 2
.03 sub-system 3
O.A.x.3 exit condition 3

Notes on Exit Conditions

  1. ...

Open Questions & Action Items

things that are not yet discussed, or integrated into the procedure


  1. <reference #1 title>, author, date, source link
  2. <reference #2 title>, author, date, source link



Abbreviation alt. English German
BPC BeamProductionChain Beam Production Chain
BPM Beam Position Monitor Strahllage Monitor, Positions Sonde
COD Closed Orbit Dipole (Steerer) Strahllage Korrektur Magnet
DCCT Direct Current (DC) - Curent Transformer

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