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FAIR Commissioning with Beam

The Commissioning with Beam (BC) for FAIR is grouped into the following three stages:

Stage A - Pilot Beams

  • main aim:
    • drive the beam expeditiously through the BeamProductionChain (BPC): from the sources, through the synchrotrons, beam transfers, up to the experimental targets/storage rings
    • check basic 'accelerator mechanics': threading, injection, capture, cool, convert, acceleration/decelerate, stripping & extraction
    • identify beam-related limitations: polarities, RF, beam instrumentation, machine alignment, effective physical machine aperture, ...
  • always done with 'safe' resp. low-intensity/brightness beam
    • initially with 'easily available' ions (e.g. U28+, Ar -> simpler optics, beam dynamics, etc.), then protons (tests transition crossing, etc.)

Stage B - Intensity Ramp-up & Special Systems

  • main aim:
    • achieving and maintaining nominal machine performance for a limited number of reference beam
    • check that the accelerator design and systems can achieve (near) nominal beam parameters, e.g. beam intensities, nominal transmission and beam losses for e.g. U28+ & proton beams, etc.
  • commissioning of e.g. e-cooler (if not needed earlier), slow extraction, transverse fast feedbacks
  • commissioning and validation of machine protection & interlock systems
  • possibly unsafe operations always preceded by checks with safe beam

Stage C - Production Operation with nominal Intensities

  • main aim:
    • make fast setup and switch-over between different BeamProductionChains routine
    • push physics and beam parameter performance (intensity, brightness/emittance, momentum spread, ...)
    • identify and improve upon bottlenecks impacting FAIR's 'figure-of-merit
    • improve the machine model using beam-based techniques
  • N.B. first time counted as 'commissioning' or 'assisted operation' → later: 'regular operation'
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