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FAIR Commissioning Phase A.x) -- Template


Short description of should be achieved

Entry Conditions

clear definition of handover specs

definition of must-have systems,
op. procedures (e.g. machine patrol)

Machine setup

definition of optics, beam parameters, machine protection equipment that needs to be in placeMP equipment in place


detailed 'cookbook': check list of individual steps (settings, gains, …)

should contain: short description who (responsible, only group level!) priority (1: must, 2: optional, 3: nice to have if time available) required time - minimum (rough estimate, smallest time quantity 1h, otherwise given in terms of 8h shifts) required time - contingency (rough estimate, subjective at this time but should not reflect worst-case)

Optional items e.g. for night-time shift or delayed by another item


List of possible problems and first-order remedies

Exit conditions

clear definition of handover specs

List of systems to be considered “operational” afterwards

Open Questions & Action Items

things that are not yet discussed, or integrated into the procedure



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