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Difference: FairC2WGTentativeTopics (5 vs. 6)

FairC2WGTentativeTopics 6 - 07 Oct 2015 - Main.RalphSteinhagen
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META TOPICPARENT name="FairC2WGNextAgenda"

Tentative Topics

Line: 72 to 72
    • FE CPU/temperature loads,
  • Tools for check-out test analysis (passed, in-progress, fault)
  • Tools for availability analysis → interface with logbook?
  • Going into and out of machine access (electrical lock-out, soft-power-down of equipment, etc.)
  • Bunch-to-bucket transfer paradigm – proof of concept? (use-case, specification, ...)
  • Video/image distribution and analysis (↔ IPMs, transfer line screens)
    • bandwidth, latency control, post-processing infrastructure, …

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