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This site contains some working documents on the FAIR project and its associated company. The official web page of FAIR can be found on http://www.fair-center.eu.

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Please note that current page only contains very limited public information as it is meant for internal use. For more information please visit fair-center.eu or the Wikipedia entry.


The Wiki contains several internal "Webs", which are often limited to the groups working on the subject and administered by the respective administrator. Accessible information can, e.g., be found on:

Useful Links

In case you forgot your password: https://fair-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/System/ResetPassword

Travel application and claims forms can be found on the GSI pages via https://www.gsi.de/work/administration/personalabteilung/reisekosten.htm

Some documents, like the Standard Terms and Conditions can be found via: http://www.fair-center.eu/en/fair-gmbh/purchasing-department.html

Please note that, in order to view restricted pages, you need to register with FirstnameLastname first. If you still cannot view the pages please contact the administrator of the respective Web or me: IntiLehmann.

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