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Technical Design Reports and Other Topics for Review

This page summarises all topics for review by ECE, primarily the TDRs.

The table below gives an overview of TDRs and their status. More information can be found by following the link in the "EDMS link" column. If you think you may be able to chair any review and have questions, don't hesitate to contact me, IntiLehmann.

CollabSub-Coll.TDR for reviewEDMS (link)IDSubmittedPanel ChairPanel Co-WorkersCommentECE Rep.LetterPublic TDR
For Review
PANDA APPA SPARC DCS CRY vHamos Spectr directory4_14 3_30 2019/09 2019/10 PANEL CHAIR REQUIRED Horst Schmidt-Böcking          
In Process PANDA   DCSdirectory 4_14 2019/09 PANEL CHAIR REQUIRED          
NUSTAR In Process S-FRS E SEC Infrastructuredirectory 2_39 2019/05 Ani Aprahamian Brad Sherill, Guy Savard, Manoel Couder          
NUSTAR HI/DESPEC S-FRS E SEC Infrastructure directory2_04 2_39 2018/11 2019/05 Tohru Motobayashi Ani Aprahamian Alexandra Gade Brad Sherill, Guy Savard, Manoel Couder          
NUSTAR HI/DESPEC Infrastructuredirectory 2_04 2018/11 Tohru Motobayashi Alexandra Gade      
PANDA   Disc-DIRCdirectory 4_19 2018/09 Eugenio Nappi   Not Day-1 reportletter  
NUSTAR LEB-Infra Cryo Stopp Celldirectory 2_02 2018/08 Ewa Rondio     reportletter  
Concluded PANDA   Lumi Det.directory 4_07 2017/04 Hans Georg Ritter Peter Seyboth, Maurice Garcia-Sciveres ECE10, in writing 2019/04/04 reportletter -
PANDA NUSTAR ILIMA Lumi Det. Schottky system directory4_07 2_33 2017/04 2017/12 Hans Georg Rick Casten Ritter Peter Seyboth, Maurice Garcia-Sciveres ECE10, in writing 2019/04/04 2018/12/14 reportletter - public
NUSTAR PANDA ILIMA Schottky system Forw. Tracker directory2_33 4_10 2017/12 2018/05 Rick Casten Volker Burkhard Craig Woody, Mac Mestayer, Serguei Boiarinov ECE10, in 2018/10/10 writing 2018/12/14 reportletterpublic -
PANDA APPA SPARC Forw. Tracker CRY Target directory4_10 3_08 2018/05 2018/03 Volker Burkhard Horst Schmidt-Böcking Craig Woody, Mac Mestayer, R. Reifahrt, J. Stroht Serguei Boiarinov ECE10, 2018/10/10 reportletter - public
APPA SPARC CRY Target RIMS directory3_08 3_33 2018/03 2018/02 Horst Schmidt-Böcking R. Reifahrt, J. Stroht C.L. Cocke, T. Weber ECE10, 2018/10/10 reportletterpublic
APPA SPARC CRY RIMS In-ring Spectr directory3_33 3_32 2018/02 Horst Schmidt-Böcking C.L. Cocke, T. Weber R. Reifahrt, J. Stroht ECE10, 2018/10/10 reportletterpublic
APPA PANDA SPARC CRY In-ring Forw. TOF Spectr directory3_32 4_09 2018/02 2018/01 Horst Schmidt-Böcking Eugenio Nappi R. C.Williams Reifahrt, J. Stroht ECE10, 2018/10/10 reportletterpublic -
PANDA CBM CBM Forw. TRD TOF directory4_09 1_07 2018/01 Eugenio Nappi Peter Seyboth C.Williams Jan Kochanowski ECE10, 2018/10/10 reportletter -
CBM NUSTAR CBM ILIMA TRD TOF detectors directory1_07 2_34 2018/01 2017/12 Peter Seyboth Tohru Motobayashi Jan Kochanowski Toshiyuki Azuma ECE10, 2018/10/10 reportletter - public
NUSTAR ILIMA TOF detectors Heavy Ion Detector directory2_34 2_35 2017/12 2017/11 Tohru Motobayashi Alexandra Gade Toshiyuki Azuma Bertram Blank, Andreas Stolz ECE10, 2018/10/10 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR ILIMA Heavy DAQ Ion Detector directory2_35 2_05 2017/11 2016/11 Alexandra Gade Tohru Motobayashi Bertram Blank, Andreas Stolz Alexandra Gade, Mario Cromaz, Stefan Ritt ECE10, 2018/10/10 ECE9, 2018/02/12 reportletterpublic publc
NUSTAR PANDA   DAQ Barrel TOF directory2_05 4_16 2016/11 2017/05 Tohru Motobayashi Crispin Williams, Fabienne Kunne, Volker Burkert Alexandra Gade, Mario Cromaz, Stefan Ritt ECE9, 2018/02/12 reportletterpublc -
PANDA APPA Plasma Barrel TOF Beam Matching directory4_16 3_17 2017/05 2016/12 Crispin Williams, Peter Thirolf Fabienne Kunne, Volker Burkert Thomas Baumann, Hiroyuki Noumi ECE9, 2018/02/12 reportletter - public
APPA PANDA Plasma Beam Matching Barrel DIRC directory3_17 4_11 2016/12 2016/09 Peter Thirolf Eugenio Nappi Thomas Baumann, Hiroyuki Noumi Blair Ratcliff, Roger Forty ECE9, 2018/02/12 ECE8, 2017/07/27 reportletterpublic
PANDA NUSTAR S-FRS E Barrel EXPERT DIRC directory4_11 2_38 2016/09 2016/12 Eugenio Nappi Rick Casten Blair Ratcliff, Roger Forty Shunji Nishimu, Daniel Bazin ECE8, 2017/07/27 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR APPA S-FRS Plasma E EXPERT Target Chamber directory2_38 3_15 2016/12 2016/11 Rick Casten Peter Thirolf Shunji Nishimu, Daniel Bazin Manuel Hegelich, David Neely ECE8, 2017/07/27 reportletterpublic
APPA Plasma Target Chamber PRIOR II directory3_15 3_18 2016/11 Peter Thirolf Derek Lowenstein Manuel Hegelich, David Neely Chris Morris, Zhaowen Tang ECE8, 2017/07/27 in-writing 2017/06/02 reportletterpublic
APPA NUSTAR Plasma R3B PRIOR II Active Target directory3_18 2_32 2016/11 Derek Lowenstein Tohru Motobayashi Chris Morris, Zhaowen Alexandre Obertelli, tba Tang ECE8, in-writing 2017/06/02 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR PANDA R3B Active FS-Calorimeter Target directory2_32 4_08 2016/11 2015/06 Tohru Motobayashi Volker Burkert Alexandre Obertelli, tba Tom Hemmick, Stepan Stepanyan ECE8, in-writing 2017/06/02 ECE7 cond, 2016/03/03 reportletterpublic -
PANDA APPA SPARC FS-Calorimeter SPECTRAP directory4_08 3_07 2015/06 2015/05 Volker Burkert Jens Dilling Tom Hemmick, Stepan Stepanyan Hengst, Ringle, Schmidt, Crespo tbc ECE7 cond, 2016/01/22 2016/03/03 reportletter - public
APPA SPARC SPECTRAP SiM-X directory3_07 3_03 2015/05 2015/01 Jens Dilling Fabienne Kunne Hengst, Ringle, Angelo Nucciotti Schmidt, Crespo tbc ECE7 2016/01/22 reportletterpublic
APPA SPARC SiM-X maXs directory3_03 3_04 2015/01 Fabienne Kunne Angelo Nucciotti ECE7 2016/01/22 reportletterpublic
APPA SPARC maXs CRYRING Instrum. directory3_04 3_06 2015/01 2015/04 Fabienne Kunne Horst Schmidt-Boecking Angelo Nucciotti S. Moeller, E. Jaeschke, C.L. Cocke, A.Mueller ECE7 2016/01/22 reportletterpublic
APPA SPARC CRYRING HESR Instrum. directory3_06 3_05 2015/04 2015/05 Horst Schmidt-Boecking Peter Thirolf S. Moeller, E. Jaeschke, Horst Schmidt-Boecking, Juergen Friese C.L. Cocke, A.Mueller ECE7 2016/01/22 reportletterpublic -
APPA NUSTAR SPARC HI/DESPEC HESR NEDA Instrum. directory3_05 2_16 2015/05 2014/09 Peter Thirolf Tohru Motobayashi Horst Schmidt-Boecking, Juergen Friese Remco Zegers, Attila Krasznahorkay ECE7 2016/01/22 reportletter - public
NUSTAR APPA HI/DESPEC Plasma NEDA Plasma-Wobbler directory2_16 3_14 2014/09 2014/11 Tohru Motobayashi Horst Schmidt-Boecking Remco Zegers, Attila Krasznahorkay Alwin Schemp, Ulrich Ratzinger ECE7 2016/01/22 ECE6 cond, 2015/09/15 reportletterpublic
APPA NUSTAR Plasma R3B Plasma-Wobbler CALIFA Endcap directory3_14 2_25 2014/11 Horst Schmidt-Boecking Eugenio Nappi Alwin Schemp, Ulrich Ratzinger F. Camera, A. Maj ECE6 cond, 2015/07/24 2015/09/15 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR R3B CALIFA Endcap Tracking Det's directory2_25 2_22 2014/11 Eugenio Nappi Tohru Motobayashi F. Camera, Crispin Williams, A. Maj ECE6 2015/07/24 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR R3B HI/DESPEC Tracking FATIMA Det's directory2_22 2_13 2014/11 2015/04 Tohru Motobayashi Rick Casten Crispin Williams, Con Beausang ECE6 2015/07/24 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR HI/DESPEC FATIMA DEGAS directory2_13 2_12 2015/04 2014/08 Rick Casten Jens Dilling Con Beausang Lee, Svensson, Sewerjniack, Nishimura, tbc ECE6 2015/07/24 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR APPA HI/DESPEC Plasma DEGAS Plasma-Diagnostics directory2_12 3_16 2014/08 2014/05 Jens Dilling Peter Thirolf, Volker Burkert, Fabienne Kunne Lee, Svensson, Sewerjniack, Nishimura, tbc ECE6 2015/07/24 reportletterpublic
APPA Plasma Plasma-Diagnostics Plasma-Laser directory3_16 3_13 2014/05 Peter Thirolf, Volker Burkert, Burkert Fabienne Kunne Glenzer, Neely, Rouyer, Zuegel, Zou ECE6 2015/07/24 reportletterpublic
APPA CBM Plasma Plasma-Laser TOF directory3_13 1_06 2014/05 2013/12 Volker Burkert Crispin Williams Glenzer, Neely, Rouyer, Zuegel, Rosario Nania, Geary Eppley Zou ECE6 2015/07/24 Email 2015/03/03 (cond. 26/1) reportletterpublic
CBM APPA Plasma TOF Plasma-SCADA directory1_06 3_12 2013/12 2014/05 Crispin Williams Fabienne Kunne Rosario Nania, Damien Neyret Geary Eppley Email 2015/03/03 (cond. Cond. ECE5, 2015/03/02 26/1) reportletterpublic
APPA CBM Plasma Plasma-SCADA PSD directory3_12 1_04 2014/05 2013/04 Fabienne Kunne Hans Georg Ritter Damien Neyret Herbert Stroebele, Stephen Trentalange Cond. ECE5, 2015/03/02 Email 2015/02/26 reportletterpublic
CBM   PSD MUCH directory1_04 1_05 2013/04 2013/12 Hans Georg Peter Seyboth Ritter Herbert Stroebele, Leszek Ropelewski Stephen Trentalange ECE5, Email 2015/02/26 2015/01/26 reportletterpublic -
CBM NUSTAR SuperFRS MUCH Super-FRS directory1_05 2013/12 2014/05 Peter Seyboth Tohru Motobayashi, Rick Casten, Georg Bollen Leszek Ropelewski ECE5, Email 2015/01/26 2014/12/09 report   letter N/A -
NUSTAR CBM SuperFRS HADES Super-FRS HADES ECal directory1_11 2014/05 2013/12 Tohru Motobayashi, Curtis Meyer Rick Casten, Georg Bollen Matt Shepherd, Ashot Gasparian ECE5, Email 2014/12/09 2014/10/14   report N/A letter-
CBM PANDA HADES HADES Muon ECal directory1_11 4_06 2013/12 2012/11 Curtis Meyer Eugenio Nappi Matt Shepherd, Ashot Gasparian Joachim Baechler, Ludovico Pontecorvo Email 2014/10/14 ECE4 cond., 2014/09/22 reportletter - public
PANDA NUSTAR HI/DESPEC Muon MONSTER directory4_06 2_15 2012/11 2013/02 Eugenio Nappi Tohru Motobayashi Joachim Baechler, Ludovico Pontecorvo Thomas Baumann, Jose Javier Valiente Dobon ECE4 cond., Email 2014/07/31 2014/09/22 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR HI/DESPEC MONSTER BELEN directory2_15 2_14 2013/02 2014/01 Tohru Motobayashi Rick Casten Thomas Baumann, Jose Javier Paul Garrett, Michael Thoennessen Valiente Dobon Email 2014/07/31 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR HI/DESPEC BELEN Plunger directory2_14 2_10 2014/01 2014/04 Rick Casten Paul none Garrett, Michael Thoennessen Email 2014/07/31 ECE4 2014/06/11 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR APPA HI/DESPEC SPARC Plunger SPARC at HESR directory2_10 2014/04 2013/08 Rick Casten Annie Klisnick none Detlef Gotta, Jens Dilling ECE4 2014/06/11 Email 2014/04/10 reportletterpublic -
APPA SPARC SPARC Target at HESR directory3_02 2013/08 2013/04 Annie Klisnick Detlef Gotta, Jens Dilling Alfons Khoukaz, Frank Rathmann, Tom Hemmick Email 2014/04/10 reportletter - public
APPA CBM SPARC Target RICH at HESR directory3_02 1_03 2013/04 2013/06 Annie Klisnick Eugenio Nappi Alfons Khoukaz, Frank Rathmann, P. Krizan, C. D'Ambrosio Tom Hemmick Email 2014/04/10 ECE3 2014/01/07 reportletterpublic
CBM APPA Plasma RICH Quad Magnets directory1_03 3_11 2013/06 2013/04 Eugenio Nappi Peter Thirolf P. Krizan, C. D'Ambrosio Alexander Zlobin, Jean-Michel Rifflet ECE3 2014/01/07 cond., 2014/04/13 reportletterpublic -
APPA PANDA Plasma Quad Targets Magnets directory3_11 4_13 2013/04 2012/03 Peter Thirolf Tom Hemmick Alexander Zlobin, Jean-Michel Rifflet H-O Meyer, JP Chen ECE3 cond., 2014/01/07 2014/04/13 reportletter - public
PANDA CBM   Targets Magnet directory4_13 1_01 2012/03 2012/12 Tom Hemmick Derek Lowenstein H-O Meyer, JP Chen Henryk Piekarz, BNL Superconducting Magnet Division ECE3 2014/01/07 reportletterpublic
CBM FAIR   Magnet Res. Div. directory1_01 2012/12 2013/06 Derek Lowenstein Tom Hemmick, Rick Casten, Peter Thirolf Henryk Piekarz, BNL Superconducting Magnet Division ECE3 2014/01/07 Email 2013/09/11 report   letter N/A public  
FAIR CBM   Res. STS Div. directory1_02 2013/06 2012/12 Tom Hemmick, Hans-Georg Ritter Rick Casten, Peter Thirolf Hans Dijkstra, Gert-Jan Nooren Email 2013/09/11 ECE2 2013/06/21   report N/A letter   public
CBM APPA SPARC STS CRYRING directory1_02 0_02 2012/12 2012/10 Hans-Georg Ritter Derek Lowenstein, Peter Thirolf, Tohru Motobayashi Hans Dijkstra, Gert-Jan Nooren ECE2 2013/06/21 ECE1 2012/11/19 reportletterpublic
APPA NUSTAR SPARC HI/DESPEC CRYRING DTAS directory0_02 2_17 2012/10 2012/04 Derek Lowenstein, Rick Casten Peter Thirolf, Tohru Motobayashi Bertram Black, Filip Kondev ECE1 2012/11/19 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR PANDA HI/DESPEC DTAS STT directory2_17 4_04 2012/04 2012/03 Rick Casten Tom Hemmick Bertram Black, Filip Kondev Mar Capeans, Antonio Pellegrino ECE1 2012/11/19 reportletterpublic
PANDA   STT MVD directory4_04 4_03 2012/03 2011/12 Tom Hemmick Eugenio Nappi Mar Capeans, Antonio Pellegrino Luciano Musa, Petra Riedler ECE1 2012/11/19 Email 2013/02/22 reportletterpublic
PANDA NUSTAR R3B MVD CALIFA Barrel directory4_03 2_24 2011/12 2011/11 Eugenio Nappi Tohru Motobayashi Luciano Musa, Petra Riedler Alexandra Gade, Rainer Novotny Email 2013/02/22 ECE1 2012/11/19 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR R3B CALIFA NeuLAND Barrel directory2_24 2_27 2011/11 Tohru Motobayashi Peter Thirolf Alexandra Gade, Rainer Novotny Nigel Orr, Navin Alahari ECE1 2012/11/19 reportletterpublic
NUSTAR Pre ECE R3B NeuLANDdirectory 2_27 2011/11 Peter Thirolf Nigel Orr, Navin Alahari ECE1 2012/11/19 reportletterpublic
Pre ECE NUSTAR MATS MATS directory 2_19 2009     Combined doc with LASPEC - - public
NUSTAR MATS LASPEC MATS LASPEC directory 2_19 2009     Combined doc with LASPEC MATS - - public
NUSTAR PANDA LASPEC LASPEC Magnetsdirectory2_19 4_02 2009     Combined doc with MATS - - public
PANDA NUSTAR R3B Magnets GLAD directory4_02 2_21 2009 2008     Several reviews - - public -
NUSTAR R3B HI/DESPEC GLAD AIDA directory2_21 2_11 2008     Several reviews - - - public
NUSTAR HI/DESPEC AIDA LYCCA directory2_11 2_09 2008       - - public
NUSTAR PANDA HI/DESPEC LYCCA EMC directory2_09 4_01 2008       - - public
PANDA   EMCdirectory 4_01 2008       - - public

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