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Important Meetings and Dates

Committee Meetings and Deadlines

Overview of upcoming important committee meetings. List of abbreviations see below. You may also refer to the GSI Kalendar

2020/12/1-2 Council
2020/07/2-3 Council
2020/05/14-15 AFC
2019/12/5-6 Council
2019/11/21 2019/11/26-27 GSI RRBs AR103
2019/11/13-14 2019/11/21 JSC GSI AR103
2019/11/4-5 2019/11/13-14 ECE/ECSG JSC
2019/10/22-24 2019/11/4-5 MAC ECE/ECSG
2019/10/10-11 2019/10/22-24 AFC MAC
2019/10/10-11 extr. AFC Council
2019/07/25-26 2019/10/10-11 PPAC extr. Council
2019/07/3-4 2019/07/25-26 Council PPAC
2019/06/13 2019/07/3-4 GSI AR Council
2019/06/3-4 2019/06/13 JSC GSI AR
2019/05/14-15 2019/06/3-4 AFC JSC
2019/05/14-15 AFC

Previous meeting of FAIR: MeetingUpTo2016

List of Abbreviations

  • AFC: Administrative and Finance Committee (FAIR)
  • AR: Aufsichtsrat GSI (GSI Supervisory Board)
  • BFC: Board of FAIR Collaborations
  • Council: Governing board of FAIR
  • ECE: Expert Committee Experiments (FAIR)
  • ECSG: Experiment Cost Scrutiny Group (FAIR)
  • G-PAC: General Program Advisory Committee
  • IKRB: In-Kind Review Board (FAIR)
  • JSC: Joint Scientific Council of FAIR and GSI (since 2016)
  • MAC: Machine Advisory Committee
  • OCWG: Operation Cost Working Group of AFC
  • PAC: Program Advisory Committee
  • PPAC: PHELIX and Plasmaphysics Program Advisory Committee
  • RRBs: Resources Review Boards (FAIR)

Links to further information can be found via FairCommittees.

Collaboration Meetings

Various types of meetings of the FAIR collaborations are listed on their web pages individually:


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