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FAIR Expert Committee Experiments (ECE) and Experiment Cost Scrutiny Group (ECSG)

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Public Information

This page provides links to internal information of the ECE and ECSG.

Via the following links the public versions of approved TDRs can be found.

Internal Information to ECE and ECSG

The main links to follow are:

Within the EDMS directory, you can find a file with practical tips to access the files in EDMS, see pdf, docx

For convenience we list quick links to different searches in the EDMS as follows.

Documentation_FAIR_ECE_ECSG_1908.docxdocxDocumentation_FAIR_ECE_ECSG_1908.docxmanage 154.3 K 23 Aug 2019 - 08:29IntiLehmann Documentation on the ECE/ECSG storage of documents in EDMS
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